With the increased demand for A Level H2 Chemistry tuition due to the demanding A level examinations and students’ desire to excel, the tuition industry has seen a surge in the number of tuition centres and tutors who offer JC chemistry tuition. Below are three factors for parents and students to consider when choosing the right tutor.
Results of past students
Good results are the desired outcome by parents and students and tuition is all about achieving results. Beyond judging the tutors based on the final grades of the students under their charge, it is more important to see the value add provided by the tutor. For example, a student who has improved from U to A shows greater value add by the tutor as compared to a student who has improved from B to A under the charge of another tutor.
It is important to check out the number of testimonials written for the tutor. Have a large number of testimonials that showed good results and affirming the tutor’s ability proves the tutor’s consistency in producing good results as compared to another tutor who has few testimonials to show for.
Style of teaching
The style of teaching by the tutor must have the students in mind and the ultimate goal is to ensure students derive maximum benefit out of the lesson. Effective teaching ensures that students get personalised attention and have their personal needs addressed through consultation and coaching provided by the tutor. An effective style of teaching must also include a practice component that helps students apply what they learnt by working on the questions. The teaching or lecturing component of the lesson should be focusing on helping students to grasp key concepts and complement what was taught in school. It should not be a 2 hour lecture that duplicates what was taught in school.
Teaching experience and academic background
While there are many Chemistry tutors who brand themselves as experienced former teachers, it is important to check their academic background and assess the relevance of their teaching experience to assess if it suits the needs of the student. A simple rule is that an experienced tutor needs to have at least 8 years of experience to chalk up the experience needed to be effective in helping the students. It would be ideal if the tutor has a relevant degree in Chemistry
Do your homework and choose the right tutor by considering the factors mentioned. Choosing the right tutor is the important first step for your child’s academic success!
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