Mr Espen Lim is a tutor of high calibre who teaches physics concepts in a concise and digestible manner. As a tutor, he has widened my understanding of physics and has allowed me to appreciate the subject more. As a student, I struggled to grapple physics in J1. With Mr Lim's guidance and patience to tailor his teaching to each of his students, i have drastically improved in my grades from an E at the start of J1 to consistent As and Bs in my J1 FE and in J2. Overall, I highly recommend Mr Lim as a physics tutor. Classes with him are never boring and are always insightful.Stephanas Lim, Saint Andrew's Junior College - Physics
Really thankful for Ms Sim who has guided me to better understand the concepts and address my misconceptions in Chemistry. Through her rigorous practises and useful notes, I am confident that Ms Sim adequately prepared me for the exams. Patient and understanding, Ms Sim also takes extra effort to tailor her lessons to the learning style and pace of her students, making lessons insightful and memorable too! Once again, thank you so much Ms Sim! Will always remember our lessons tgt 🙂David Vun, St Andrew's Junior College, E to A for Chemistry
Mr Lim is the most inspiring, motivating and smartest teacher I’ve ever met. Having gotten a U grade from my first physics test in JC2, I was devastated and extremely low in confidence. A good friend of mine highly recommended Mr Lim and I decided to go for his lessons. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Mr Lim is always encouraging and approachable. His lessons were engaging and never daunting. He made the most difficult questions look elementary. Gradually, I regained my confidence and my grades improved. Finally, I got an A for A levels, something I never thought would be possible. Thanks Mr Lim!Kenneth, Innova Junior College, A for Physics
I joined Ms Sim in beginning of J2 after CT1, where I did not fare well. Ms Sim is a patient and understanding teacher who would go the extra mile. She would go through in detail and give you feedback about what went wrong in your exams/test papers, which allows you to better amend your errors. Her explanations are clear and concise, with lots of questions to practice! Thanks Ms Sim for not losing faith in all of us and I really enjoyed your chem lessons!! :))Rachael Mak, Victoria Junior College, U to A for Chemistry
Mr Lim is a patient & dedicated tutor, whose guidance throughout my time with him, helped me tremendously in both my maths & physics. He never fails to simplify questions, allowing his students to understand key concepts better while also teaching us easier & more efficient ways to tackle challenging problems.Joshua, Tampines Junior College, B for Physics and A for Maths
I started having lessons with Miss Sim at the start of J2 because I was constantly failing chemistry in J1. After attending her lessons, I managed to improve and started to get better grades throughout J2. Miss Sim's notes are extremely concise and comprehensible. She is also a very dedicated and patient teacher. After every examination, she would do an analysis of the paper and pick out my weak points so that I can improve on those topics. Without her unwavering support and guidance throughout the A level period, I wouldn't have been able to obtain my A for H2 Chemistry! I am definitely grateful to have a teacher like her 🙂Ng Wan Ting, Raffles Institution, S to A for Chemistry
Hi Espen, this is Joranna, Darren's mummy. I wanted to write to u earlier but I have been very busy lately. I want to thank you for tutoring Darren. Darren did very well in his exam & he has been accepted to NUS medical school. He will be starting his course next month. Once again, thank you so much.Mdm Ang, parent of Darren Lam, ACS (Independent), 3 to 7 for Maths
My Chemistry was on the brink of failure, but by Ms. Sim's teaching methods & constant revision, I was able to clinch an A grade in this year's A levels. I've never been good in Chemistry, but I feel like her notes & revision packages were more than adequate for replacing those from my school, & overall help me to improve my scores.Sean Wong, Raffles Institution, U to A for Chemistry
Mr Lim did miracles. Made my 2 into a 6 within just 4 months. He was also able to cater to my peculiar learning style, something that not a lot of teachers were able to do. Lessons with Mr Lim may feel un-productive because it's fun, but truth is: lessons with Mr Lim are both productive and fun!Wilson Nathaniel, ACS International, 2 to 6 for Physics
I only started tuition with Ms Sim a few months before my A levels. At that point, I was failing badly and even during prelims, I barely scraped a D. She provided me with ample resources that were comprehensive and helpful. Eventually, I managed to score an A for H2 Chem at A levels.Lydia Yeow, Dunman High School, U to A for Chemistry
Mr Lim is a very dedicated, patient and supportive teacher. One aspect that I am very grateful for is his thoroughness in preparing practice questions regularly to ensure that I grasp concepts in detail. His resources have certainly prepared me for all my school examinations as they were tougher and more thought provoking. I was also often amazed by Mr Lim's ability to explain certain problems or concepts as he was able to do so in a very succinct manner. All in all, his effort has immensely contributed to my grade 7 in the final IB Examinations.Simon, ACS Independent, 7 for Maths and Physics
Before joining Ms Sim, I have always been struggling to pass chemistry. Throughout about half a year with Ms Sim, I managed to pick up more skills and knowledge on the subject, as well as finding motivation to study harder. Her notes on the subject are always precise and detailed, highlighting the necessary points. Through many practices and constant revision with us, I had managed to get an 'A' grade in the Alevels. Without Ms Sim's patience and guidance, I would not have been able to get this grade. Thank you, Ms Sim.Lim Jiahui, Temasek Junior College, E to A for Chemistry
Mr Lim has a lot of patience with the students and even though we might ask a lot of questions, he would never fail to answer each and everyone of them. He is a very dedicated teacher and would even attend to us when we have doubts outside of class. I joined in during the beginning of J2 and due to my commitments in school I missed out a lot of fundamental lessons in physics. For example : gravitation and Efield. Thus my results suffered for my March block test where I got a U grade for physics. However after joining Mr Lim's classes I regained my confidence in physics and finally understood many concepts that was previously a blur to me. I worked hard under Mr Lim's guidance and finally scored a B in physics for A level. Thank you so much and I am forever grateful !!Edith, Meridian Junior College, B for Physics
Thank you for your encouragement and kindness for the 2 years. I have really learnt a lot from your Chemistry lessons and your assistance for my IAs and EE was of great help. I really appreciate the time you have spent to answer my countless doubts and questions which were quite repetitive and absurd at times. I really hope more students improve their chemistry grades under your guidance!Simon, ACS Independent, 7 for Chemistry
Ms. Sim and Mr. Lim have been very patient and dedicated teachers! Thank you for making the hard things easy and the easy things even easier, and for the guidance and advice that you have given me! Your advice has allowed me to secure an A for Chemistry and a B for Physics! 🙂Ian Wu, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, U to A for Chemistry, B for Physics

About Us

The JC & IB Tuition Specialists is made up of a group of dedicated and competent tutors who provide quality A Level Chemistry tuition, A Level Physics tuition, and A Level Maths tuition to help students achieve academic excellence. We provide private home tuition and group tuition at affordable rates. We believe that students who enrol for tuition need additional help and dedicated attention from the tutors and hence we maximise learning effectiveness by limiting the class size for group tuition to 8 to enable us to customise our approach to meet the unique needs of the students.
Our tutors are specialists in their subjects and have more than 10 years of experience teaching JC and IB students in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and GP, and have successfully improved their grades through our approach . Please read the testimonials by our students that validate the ability of our tutors. Below are our features on our Chemistry tutor, Ms Sim Lily, as well as our Maths and Physics tutor, Mr Espen Lim, on The New Paper.

Our Locations

Classes are conducted at locations in the East (Marine Parade and Kembangan) and West (Beauty World Centre). Our programme details and class schedules are available below.


We differentiate ourselves in the following ways:
1) Diagnostic and Customized Approach
For 1-to-1 tuition, we work with students to find out the specific challenges they face and this will determine how lessons will be taught. This approach is unlike other tutors who conduct classes strictly based on a standard set of curriculum and ignore students’ learning needs.
For group tuition, we serve the needs of the tuition group as well as the individual student’s needs. This is achieved by providing an overview of each topic, followed by providing students with opportunities to apply, practice, and reinforce concepts that were taught. Towards the end of each lesson, time is set aside to provide one to one consultation to address the needs for each student. This allows the students to enjoy the benefits of individual attention by the tutor in a group setting.
To maximize learning effectiveness, we limit the number of students for group tuition to 9. This enables us to customize our approach to meet the unique needs of the students and to have adequate focus on each student to help them prepare for the exams.
In order to have a better understanding of students’ strengths and weaknesses, we review their exam papers to carry out an in-depth analysis of their performance. This provides the tutors with the opportunity to address the student’s areas of weakness. Past experience has shown that this approach has helped students score better grades.
2) Structured, Sequential and Simulated Learning
Learning is designed by building on the student’s foundation and helping them move along through the different levels. Typically, students start off by working with questions on individual topics before proceeding to tackle integrated questions from a collection of topics. Finally, students work on past A-level papers and papers from other JCs under simulated exam conditions to gain confidence which helps to enhance exam performance.
3) Insightful Summary Notes
Summary notes for key topics are provided to help students reinforce their learning of key concepts. Frequently made mistakes by students are also highlighted in the notes to help students prepare for their exams.