About Us

The JC & IB Tuition Specialists is made up of a group of dedicated and competent tutors who provide quality A Level Chemistry tuition, A Level Physics tuition, and A Level Maths tuition to help students achieve academic excellence. We provide private home tuition and group tuition at affordable rates. We believe that students who enrol for tuition need additional help and dedicated attention from the tutors and hence we maximise learning effectiveness by limiting the class size for group tuition to 8 to enable us to customise our approach to meet the unique needs of the students.
Our tutors are specialists in their subjects and have more than 13 years of experience teaching JC and IB students in Chemistry, Physics, and Maths, and have successfully improved their grades through our approach . Please read the testimonials by our students that validate the ability of our tutors. Below are our features on our Chemistry tutor, Ms Sim Lily, as well as our Maths and Physics tutor, Mr Espen Lim, on The New Paper.

Our Locations

Classes are conducted at locations in the East (Marine Parade and Kembangan) and West (Beauty World Centre). Our programme details and class schedules are available below.

We differentiate ourselves in the following ways:
1) Diagnostic and Customized Approach
For 1-to-1 tuition, we work with students to find out the specific challenges they face and this will determine how lessons will be taught. This approach is unlike other tutors who conduct classes strictly based on a standard set of curriculum and ignore students’ learning needs.
For group tuition, we serve the needs of the tuition group as well as the individual student's needs. This is achieved by providing an overview of each topic, followed by providing students with opportunities to apply, practice, and reinforce concepts that were taught. Towards the end of each lesson, time is set aside to provide one to one consultation to address the needs for each student. This allows the students to enjoy the benefits of individual attention by the tutor in a group setting.
To maximize learning effectiveness, we limit the number of students for group tuition to 9. This enables us to customize our approach to meet the unique needs of the students and to have adequate focus on each student to help them prepare for the exams.
In order to have a better understanding of students' strengths and weaknesses, we review their exam papers to carry out an in-depth analysis of their performance. This provides the tutors with the opportunity to address the student's areas of weakness. Past experience has shown that this approach has helped students score better grades.
2) Structured, Sequential and Simulated Learning
Learning is designed by building on the student’s foundation and helping them move along through the different levels. Typically, students start off by working with questions on individual topics before proceeding to tackle integrated questions from a collection of topics. Finally, students work on past A-level papers and papers from other JCs under simulated exam conditions to gain confidence which helps to enhance exam performance.
3) Insightful Summary Notes
Summary notes for key topics are provided to help students reinforce their learning of key concepts. Frequently made mistakes by students are also highlighted in the notes to help students prepare for their exams.