A Level Maths Tuition

Mathematics remains a critical core in the A Level syllabus in Singapore and is essential in many fields, including medicine, natural science, finance, engineering, and the social sciences. In fact, applied mathematics has led to entirely new disciplines, such as statistics and game theory.
Mr Espen Lim has been providing JC Maths tuition for more than 18 years to A level students in Singapore. Between 2013 and 2015, he has tutored more than 100 JC students and helped them achieve better grades in A Level Maths. 96% of those students achieved As and Bs in their A-level examinations. In fact, he has written a feature on Exam Study Tips that was published on The Straits Times.

Espen’s teaching methodology adopts an exam orientated style and this helps students exponentially improve their skill and confidence in the subject within the shortest possible time. He is a specialist in providing JC Maths tuition and breaks down complex concepts to help students understand them with ease. His students have commented that they found his class engaging and interesting. He has tutored students from Raffles Institution, National Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution, Victoria Junior College, Anglo-Chinese Junior College and others. He has been interviewed by and featured in The New Paper and MyPaper.

Espen believes all students have different learning ability and are receptive to different teaching styles depending on their individual preferences. Instead of “forcing” students to adapt to the tutor’s teaching approach, Espen customizes his teaching methodology for each student. Backed by his 18 years experience of teaching A Level H2 Mathematics, he has sharpened his ability to quickly determine the best learning method for each student and use the optimal method to teach his students. His students will see significant improvements in just 2 to 3 months of group tuition with him. For individual tuition lessons, results can be seen as fast as just 1 month.
During school term, each Math topic will be covered in detail over two lessons. Around 2 to 3 weeks before the examinations, there will be revision lessons on the topics that will be tested. Towards the end of each tuition class, time will be allocated to each student for consultation. Students are encouraged to bring their own questions that they have difficulty with. Given how Espen is able to make complex concepts simple and easy to understand, students usually find that they learn more in the two hours of weekly Math tuition than what they learnt in the whole week at school!


Espen conducts group tuition of not more than 8 students per class. Summary notes are also provided to help students reinforce their learning. Check out the class schedule for JC Maths tuition, and the H2 Maths topics that could be covered.


Espen also specializes in A Level Physics tuition. Our other tutors specialize in A Level Chemistry tuition and GP tuition.