Some of the students who have enrolled for JC H2 chemistry tuition in Singapore face the dilemma of deciding whether or not to drop to H1 chemistry at some point due to the challenges of the subject and the overall pressure that they face leading up to A levels.
For students who are deciding whether to take H2 or H1 Chemistry should note the key differences between the two levels:
  1. Practical examination– For students taking H1 chemistry, they do not need to take practical examination which is required of H2 chemistry.
  2. Content– H1 chemistry has much lesser content as compared to H2 chemistry. Topics such as Energetics, Kinetics, Alkane, Allene and many other topics are much lighter in content for the H1 syllabus
  3. Additional topics– H1 Chemistry syllabus has additional topics such as Polymer Chemistry and Nanomaterials which are not found in H2 syllabus
  4. Entry requirements for university courses– For students taking H1 Chemistry, they need to note that they will not be able to enrol for many science related courses which require H2 Chemistry.
Students who are taking Chemistry at H2 level are more likely to enrol for H2 Chemistry tuition rather than H1 Chemistry tuition because H2 Chemistry is much more difficult than H1 Chemistry.
Ultimately, whether or not to take H1 or H2 Chemistry depends on students’ self assessment of their mastery and flair in the subject and also taking into careful consideration of the factors mentioned above.
For all students out there, think carefully and make informed decisions!
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