Here are some of the testimonials from our students.

Dear Ms Sim,
Thank you so much foremost for being such a patient and effective teacher 🙂 Your explanations are always presented in a crystal clear, step-by-step fashion that really makes it much more of a breeze to comprehend the nuances behind tricky concepts, allowing me to traverse the often treacherous minefield that is H2 chem. Given that the tuition content follows behind the speed of school lessons, it also serves to reinforce my understanding of the topics and acts as a safety net to catch any left-over misconceptions. This is further bolstered by your easily digestible and precise content notes that is replete with helpful examples which can be used as a quick refresher on past or unfamiliar concepts (I cannot express enough how useful your handy-sized organic chem book with its superbly organized one-page mindmaps had been in my revision!) Lastly, I’m really grateful for your indefatigable willingness to help in any way you can, answering my incessant questions and for kindly tolerating all my shortcomings as a student of yours, you’re undeniably a gem of a teacher and I hope you continue doing what you do best:)
Grace Lee, Raffles Institution, A for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a caring and passionate teacher who teaches both effectively and efficiently. She never fails to answer any of our queries and ensures that we fully understand all the concepts. She also made sure that new concepts presented to us were easy to comprehend through her style of teaching. She made concise notes that were made easy for referencing. After attending her classes, I improved by 4 grades in J2, from an S to a B. I also found her tips and advices on answering Chemistry questions very useful! She was able to sieve out the important and relevant questions that are examinable. Overall, her dedication to teaching us really made Chemistry a more enjoyable subject. Thank you Ms Sim!
Rachel Lee Tong, Dunman High School, S to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a very dedicated and devoted tutor, who is always willing to go out of her way to help her students. She shares with us her self-compiled notes which are very concise and certainly came in handy to study on the go! Ms Sim is also very detailed in her explanations both in person and over text, always making sure that I fully understand the concept. She even goes into understanding which are my weaker topics having completed my school examinations, and provided me with her self-compiled practice questions . These worksheets that she put together herself are often questions that we rarely come across in school papers, and has given me a substantial amount of exposure. Her patience and guidance in Chemistry has truly geared me up for the A’ Levels! Thank you, Ms Sim, I am very blessed to have you as my Chemistry Tutor.
Ashley Yew, Anderson Junior College, A for Chemistry

Ms sim is a professional, patient and knowledgeable teacher. She knows the A level syallbus well and is able to teach abstract concepts in a simple and relatable manner . Her Organic Chemistry notes have also helped me alot as there are some concepts that was not taught in school. She also has a bank of JC prelim questions which she had organised according to concept(s) (not by topic). I really enjoyed attending her lessons as there is always something new to be learnt. So, thank you Ms Sim! :)))
Wong Wei Kit, Private Candidate, B for Chemistry

Ms Sim takes a very personalised approach to teaching by creating a comfortable learning environment , where students can be unafraid to clarify their doubts, regardless of perceived importance. This very much benefits those who are struggling with the concepts. In addition, her notes and questions provided are top-notch , especially for organic chem, where i found myself memorising her mindmaps rather than the ones i drew up myself! The hordes of questions made available to us online also ensured one never had difficulty doing topical revision even on the go. A big thank you to this outstanding chem tutor!
Bryan Lam, Victoria Junior College, A for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a very kind and patient tutor who is always willing to help her students. She has equipped her students with sufficient resources for practice as well as consolidated notes which are useful for revision. Through her teachings, I was better able to grasp key concepts and draw links between certain topics. Ms Sim also understands the requirements of our syllabus well and has given us sufficient exposure to the different possible types of questions that have been tested, be it in the A levels or preliminary examinations, previously. For all of this, I am grateful to have a chemistry tutor like her. Thank you, Ms Sim!
Ericca Loh, Temasek Junior College, S to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a patient and dedicated teacher, which prepares challenging questions to train students to answer well in the preparation of upcoming exams. Being always willing to help and staying after her classes, she is a teacher which can definitely help you to clarify any doubts you have in chemistry. Overall, she’s a teacher that could really help in improving your chemistry & reinforce your concepts !
Joselyn Chou, Victoria Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

My chemistry has improved a lot since having the guidance of Ms Sim! The materials given were useful and comprehensive, and complemented my learning in school too. Ms Sim’s patience and clarity in explaining the various concepts have also helped me gain a deeper understanding and get a better grasp of the subject 🙂
Denise Beh, Hwa Chong Institution, D to A within 3 months for Chemistry

I would say Ms Sim’s biggest contribution to my journey in chemistry are two things, namely her personal guidance and her fine crafted chemistry notes . Her personal guidance helped answer many of the burning questions that I frequently had in classes and helped build the foundation of my chemistry knowledge.

Her notes were well summarised and thorough that i basically did not have to refer to my notes in my school, instead i used her notes to revise in my A level exams because it contained many useful tips.
Yuhan Cai, Victoria Junior College, D to A for Chemistry

I was with Ms Sim only towards the end of my A Level journey. But in a short time, Ms Sim was able to clearly revise majority of the chemistry concepts with me and worked through any misconceptions i had. She also provided revision materials which were extremely helpful as they broke down difficult concepts into manageable pieces to understand and remember . The group class setting allowed for common misconceptions to easily be highlighted while the private consultation time slots during class also provided a balance of personal attention to my weaknesses in the subject as well. Overall, joining Ms Sim was a great choice and i'm very grateful to her for helping me with my chemistry! 🙂
Andrea Wong, National Junior College, U to B within 3 months for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a caring teacher whom delivers the chemistry theories clearly and simply , making understanding chemistry so much easier. Despite only joining her lessons few months before the major exam, my chemistry concepts are much clearer already! Thank you Ms Sim!
Emily Lua, Jurong Junior College, D to B within 3 months for Chemistry

I joined Ms Sim in the beginning of J2 and under her I learnt a lot about chemistry. Ms Sim’s teaching structure is very organised and clear , which allowed me to understand the tough Chemistry syllabus and left me wanting to learn more. Ms Sim is a very dedicated and patient teacher, during Chemistry lessons she will dedicate time to addressing the misconceptions we have. Her notes and revision packages were more than sufficient in preparing me for the A level examinations and I am very grateful for all her help!
Chantelle Chen, Dunman High School, D to A for Chemistry

I joined Ms Sim's class in J2 as I had been constantly failing school examinations. However, her thorough lessons and concise notes have helped me a great deal in grasping key chemistry concepts, which have helped me in my revision. Through consistent hardworking, alongside the guidance of Ms Sim, I managed to score a B for A Level Chemistry! Thank you, Ms Sim!"
Hazel Tan, Pioneer Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Hello Ms Sim, I got A for chem!!! Thank you Ms Sim!!!!)
Samantha Lee, Dunman High School, U to A for Chemistry

Hi ms Sim! I got A for chem!! Thank you so much for your help Really helped me in my chem and made me more interested in pursuing a possible chem course.
Nicholas Teoh, Victoria Junior College, B to A for Chemistry

Thank you, Ms Sim, for the help and support over the past year! ^^
Brandon Lin, Hwa Chong Institution, S to B for Chemistry

I got A for Chem. Thank you Ms Sim
Lydia Lee, St Andrew's Junior College, D to A for Chemistry

I got a B for chemistry
Jeremy Chua, Anglo-Chinese Junior College , U to B for Chemistry

7 distinctions. Thank you
Gerald Ong, River Valley High School, D to A for Chemistry

All As
Joshua Leow, Hwa Chong Institution, D to A within 4 months for Chemistry

Hi Ms Sim, I got A for chem 🙂
Lim Jia Ying, Victoria Junior College, U to A for Chemistry

David has benefited from the tuition v much! Ms Sim is definitely an excellent tutor who uses effective and non-conventional methods to explain complex theories to her students! Ms Sim has been a great blessing to us! I remember how I was trying to find a suitable tutor and u have followed up on it though David was not sure due to the distance he needs to travel. David was happy and gave credit to Ms Sim as without her help, he might not make it. (from Ruth, mum of David Vun)

Really thankful for Ms Sim who has guided me to better understand the concepts and address my misconceptions in chemistry. Through her rigorous practises and useful notes, i am confident that Ms Sim adequately prepared me for the exams. Patient and understanding, Ms Sim also takes extra effort to tailor her lessons to the learning style and pace of her students, making lessons insightful and memoriable too! Once again, thank you so much Ms Sim! Will always remember our lessons tgt 🙂 (from David Vun)
David Vun, St Andrew's Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

I joined Ms Sim in beginning of J2 after CT1, where I did not fare well. Ms Sim is a patient and understanding teacher who would go the extra mile. She would go through in detail and give you feedback about what went wrong in your exams/test papers, which allows you to better ammend your errors. Her explanations are clear and concise, with lots of questions to practice! Thanks Ms Sim for not losing faith in all of us and I really enjoyed your chem lessons!! :))
Rachael Mak, Victoria Junior College, U to A for Chemistry

I joined Ms Sim when i was in J1 and disillusioned with my Chemistry grades. Ms Sim is really a one-of-a-kind teach; her dedication and genuinity in helping us improve can be reflected in my results, where i went from failing to obtaining almost As in most chemistry tests, including Prelim II. The materials she provide are extremely useful and relevant too, including practices that encourage higher order thinking which leads us to understand the concept in greater depth and sparking our interest in it. Personally, Ms Sim was the teacher that brought about my turning point frm disliking chem to genuinely being interested and wanting to learn outside the syllabus. She is also always more than willing to help us with our queries, and her patience is remarkable, by staying back after class or replying our messages promptly and i have never seen her pushing away any student when they needed help, or getting even slightly impatient or unwilling to repeatedly explain something to us until we understand it. All in all, I am immensely grateful for Ms Sim being so approachable and one of the best teacher I've ever had.
Lee Yue Ern, River Valley High School, U to B for Chemistry

Mrs Sim is an exceptionally good chemistry teacher. With her sheer determination and will power, she maximizes her students' potential be it in class, regular assessments or intense practice. Having attended her class for about half a year, I improved by leaps and bounds and a lot of credit goes to her for pushing me to attain an A in prelims and A levels from an E grade in my mid year examinations. She cleared my misconceptions on certain topics and taught me how to apply the knowledge we acquire in class in our exams or tests through practice and quizzes in class. This ensured that we fully grasp the concepts in our syllabus. I believe she will continue to push students to their limits and maximize their potential so that they can get their distinction in the A levels.
Umer Siddiqui, St Andrew's Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

I started having lessons with Miss Sim at the start of J2 because I was constantly failing chemistry in J1. After attending her lessons, I managed to improve and started to get better grades throughout J2. Miss Sim's notes are extremely concise and comprehensible. She is also a very dedicated and patient teacher. After every examination, she would do an analysis of the paper and pick out my weak points so that I can improve on those topics. Without her unwavering support and guidance throughout the A level period, I wouldn't have been able to obtain my A for H2 Chemistry! I am definitely grateful to have a teacher like her.
Ng Wan Ting, Raffles Institution, S to A for Chemistry

When I started having lessons, my Chemistry was on the brink of failure, but by Ms. Sim's teaching methods and constant revision, I was able to clinch an A grade in this year's A levels. I've never been a good Chemistry student, but I feel like her notes and revision packages were more than adequate for replacing those from my school, and overall help me to improve my scores.
Sean Wong, Raffles Institution, U to A for Chemistry

I got an A for my Chem! Thanks for your help!
Farrah Chen, Victoria Junior College, D to A for Chemistry

I’m really grateful for all your help thus far and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to jump from U grade to B grade without your help. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me thus far =)
Lusina Gao, Raffles Institution, U in March JC2 CT to B in JC2 July CT within 3 months for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a very caring teacher, often making sure that we understand important concepts required during exams. Throughout my one year of learning form Ms Sim, she has helped me improve my knowledge on the subject tremendously.Ms Sim also teaches us answering techniques that help us shape our answers into what examiners mark out for, thus helping us to study smarter and not harder. Her notes are also clear and useful in revision, thus making revision easy.Apart from this, Ms Sim also makes the extra effort to look through our exam papers, reviewing out mistakes and explaining our errors to them. Due to her help, my chemistry grade improved from an S in mid years to a C in prelims.Ms Sim’s care for us students have definitely helped us improve in chemistry, also making our learning journey a more enjoyable one as a whole. Thank you Ms Sim! J
Chester Ng, Hwa Chong Institution, S to B for Chemistry

Before joining Ms Sim, I have always been struggling to pass chemistry. Throughout about half a year with Ms Sim, I managed to pick up more skills and knowledge on the subject, as well as finding motivation to study harder. Her notes on the subject are always precise and detailed, highlighting the necessary points. Through many practices and constant revision with us, I had managed to get an 'A' grade in the Alevels. Without Ms Sim's patience and guidance, I would not have been able to get this grade. Thank you, Ms Sim.
Lim Jiahui, Temasek Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim is very patient and encouraging especially during the period close to A Level. She is very knowledgeable in the subject she teaches as she can solve any question given to her really fast. She is quick-witted in identifying her students’ weaknesses due to her years of experience as a chemistry tutor. Never have I seen Ms Sim unprepared for her lessons. She is receptive to feedback and tailors her lessons to meet her students’ needs. She really helps in emphasising key concepts in every topics. Thank you Ms Sim for your guidance!
Syazwani Sanep, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, 3.2 to 52.6 percentile within 3 months for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a very dedicated and driven tutor who is always willing to help her students, even going out of her way to prepare detailed notes for us. Through her guidance, I managed to obtain a much clearer understanding of chemistry concepts and gained important examination tips as well. I am really grateful to have had such a committed and kind tutor. Thank you Ms Sim! 🙂
Deea K Dev, Raffles Institution, B for Chemistry

I have been with Ms Sim for only a short while right before my A level exams. Ms Sim is a very experienced teacher who teaches the concepts clearly. Her guidance has been extremely effective which makes learning points easier to grasp. Thank you Ms Sim for making Chemistry so much more enjoyable, it has been my pleasure as your student.
Liu Jiaxuan, River Valley High School, D to B within 3 months for Chemistry

Jared scored an A for Chemistry. Thanks to Ms Sim’s guidance.
Mrs Tan, Parent of Jared Tan, Temasek Junior College, 31 to 71 percentile within 3 months, S to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a hardworking tutor who goes the extra mile to help her students achieve their desired goals. She regularly checks out the progress and ensures that the tuition complements the school lessons as well. She has helped me maintain a relatively high grade in my school exams and tests for Chemistry. Her consistent guidance was definitely of tremendous help.
Viasar Malavar, Tampines Junior College, B for Chemistry

Thank you for bringing me hope for my Chem! Before meeting you, I never knew that I can actually score in Chemistry. I had low confidence in my Chem and felt very helpless…. However, after I got to know you, I gained back my confidence and now I even enjoy doing Chemistry more than other subjects!
Chu Zhi Qing, Pioneer Junior College, 15 to 55 percentile within 3 months for Chemistry

Ms Sim’s chemistry class is small and perfect for me. It did helped me as I prefer small tuition groups which allows me to have more interaction with the tutor. With her concise notes and knowledge about chemistry, it has greatly helped me in many ways. Outside of class time, Ms Sim would always reply to my WhatsApp messages when I have questions from school work or extra practices. It was a great experience learning chemistry from such a knowledgeable teacher. Thank you Ms Sim for your guidance and patience!!
Melissa Koh, Tampines Junior College, S in JC1 MYE to B in JC1 Promo for Chemistry

Ms Sim is very detailed n thoughful in her teaching. She tries her best to take care of the needs of everyone in class n often fork out her personal time for us as well. Her notes are bite sized n easy to understand. Her explanations are clear n she often grab every opportunity to enhance our learning by helping us link our thoughts back to the relevant topics.
Chew Jiaying, Pioneer Junior College

I’m really glad I joined your lessons, even if only for a short period! Happy New Year and hope you have a great year ahead! 😊I started having lessons a few months prior to the A Levels examination. Even under a group setting, Ms Sim is able to cater to individual needs and guide me in my weaker topics. My only regret is not having joined earlier!! Thank you Ms Sim for your patience and dedicated teaching! 🙂
Belle Lim, River Valley High School
Ms Sim is a committed and caring teacher. She taught me for 1.5 years, which has helped improved my grades from a C to an A in A levels. She understands our difficulties and weaknesses firstly and then pinpoints these areas. I am thankful for her great help and for her notes, which summarise the great chunks of chemistry information into more manageable context. She knows what is important and applicable to exams, which is important as it helps me prioritise on these information for exams. She has an in-depth understanding of the subject and teaches examination techniques such as answering skills and time management. She has been a really big help to me, thank you Ms Sim!
Leom Sheng Peng, Hwa Chong Institution, C to A for Chemistry

Really appreciate Ms Sim's patient guidance and mentorship throughout the past year! 🙂 I remember when I first joined the tuition in J2, Ms Sim really helped in reinforcing all the concepts and clarifying the misconceptions I had in J1. Without her, I wouldn't have gotten an A in chemistry! Truly grateful to have met this wonderful teacher! 🙂
Chou Lin Andrea, Victoria Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim was a great teacher who was always patient with me, answering all my questions tirelessly, even if there were bad questions (in retrospect). She was also very detailed and I really appreciated the effort she put into analyzing my script so I know where exactly I need to improve. I am also very grateful for the fact that she has things prepared for every lesson but is also flexible enough to change it to accommodate my last minute requests, such as when I need help for other questions or when I need her help to check my work. Overall, I'm thankful for all the help she has rendered to me, and it made a whole lot of difference in not only my grades but also my interest in chemistry.
Lynette Yeo, Dunman High School, U to B for Chemistry

Tuitions have never really worked out for me in the past, but after joining Ms Sim's class, my chemistry improved dramatically and I am so thankful to have stayed with her for more than a year. She is willing to extend the lessons beyond the allocated time to ensure all our doubts were cleared and also open extra classes for topics we were weak in. Ms Sim have helped me a lot, thank you!!!
Selina Liu, Pioneer Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

A patient and dedicated teacher, Ms Sim is able explain the core concepts whilst bringing in other relevant topics, thus making the learning of chemistry more palatable. Her concise notes provide us with the depth of knowledge, while the topical practices ensure that we have the breadth and exposure. Lessons with her are fruitful, making the learning of chemistry a worthwhile experience. Thank you Ms Sim!
Adeline Andikko, Hwa Chong Institution, S to B for Chemistry

Miss Sim is an extremely dedicated teacher with years of experience as a chemistry teacher. She has the passion to teach and pass on her wisdoms D knowledge to her students. Personally, Ms Sim has helped me improve my chemistry tremendously during my time with her and ultimately, helped me attain a grade for my A levels which was much higher than what I had before I joined her.
Randy Ng, Temasek Junior College, E to B for Chemistry

A:) Tqqq for helping me! 🙂
Charis Tham, Dunman High School, U to A for Chemistry

Hey, thought I shld let you know that I got a B for chem. I never thought I wld get anything above a C, so thank you so much for your help (:
Kimberly Cheng, Meridian Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Nigel's A Level results: Chem - B. We are very happy considering the minimum effort he put in.
Mrs Chen, Parent of Nigel Chen, St Andrew's Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

I'm happy chemistry got A. HAHA THANKYOUU ^^
Glenn Heng, Temasek Junior College, U to A for Chemistry

Ms Lily is a very dedicated, supportive and patient teacher. One aspect that I’m very thankful for is her thoroughness in preparing practice questions to drill me to ensure that I have learnt the syllabus inside out. Her resources have definitely prepared me well for my school tests and examinations as they were concise and easier to understand and remember as compared to school notes, which helped me tremendously during revision. Her tricks and special answering techniques for the subject stuck with me throughout the period when she was my tutor and helped me to solve many difficult questions fast and accurately. Ms Lily’s answers to my questions on theory content were also very clear both in person and over texts, and she always explained the methods and solutions thoroughly in detail to ensure that I have understood and learnt them comprehensively. Additionally, her analysis of each of my school’s marked Chemistry paper were extremely useful in highlighting my weaker topics, careless mistakes and certain areas of improvement, allowing me to work more on them and improve significantly. Ms Lily’s patient and thorough guidance in Chemistry, which was one of my weaker subjects, has more than adequately prepared me for my A Level Examinations. I would like to thank Ms Lily for her lessons and for guiding me to eventually score a B grade for my A Level Chemistry exam, an unexpected result which I thought was difficult to attain, since I had been scoring an E grade in my school exams. She has influenced me greatly and positively in my understanding of the subject and my attitude towards it. Having Ms Lily as my Chemistry tutor has certainly made my JC education journey a very memorable and enjoyable learning experience.
Valerie Lau, Hwa Chong Institution, U to B for Chemistry

Ms. Sim and Mr. Lim have been very patient and dedicated teachers! Thank you for making the hard things easy and the easy things even easier, and for the guidance and advice that you have given me! Your advice has allowed me to secure an A for Chemistry and a B for Physics! 🙂
Ian Wu, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, A for Chemistry and B for Physics

It was only a few months away from A levels when I started having lessons with Ms Sim. I have never pass my chemistry before throughout my JC life. Her notes were very organised and precise and with constant drilling using her revision worksheets, my grades managed to improve tremendously. With Ms Sim's guidance and perseverance in helping me, I managed to clinch a 'B' grade in A levels, a feat I could not achieve if it's not for Ms Sim.
Kwok Anqi, Temasek Junior College, B for Chemistry

Hi Ms Sim, Vic Cheng here. Straight As!!!!!! Thank you for your help!!!!!
Victoria Cheng, Raffles Institution, A for Chemistry

Thank you for your invaluable advice and help in the past year=) I really would not have gotten my A if not for you! I will always remember you=)
Meiyin, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thanks Ms Sim for teaching me this year and following me through to the end of the journey! Thank you for all the challenging worksheets ( I pulled a lot of hair out doing them haha nah just kidding) and also for always being patient when explaining concepts and answering my sometimes weird questions=) Hope you continue being a great teacher!
Chery Lai, Victoria Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thank you for being such a nice teacher to have brought so much fun to our class. Thank you for all the hard work put in to help our class understand the subject better. I am starting to understand the topics more, Chemistry has become so much more fun!
Yinting, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thank you Ms Sim for your patience and guidance in explaining the concepts if not I would not have improved=)I am also lucky to have you as my tutor. Thank you!
Rachel Lim, Nanyang Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher! You have always been such a wonderful teacher … You really inspire me to want to excel and to know more. I know I haven’t been performing up to expectations and haven’t really been improving but I assure you Ms Sim I will do much better. Ms Sim, thank you for guiding us, inspiring us!
Douglas Wee, National Junior College, B for Chemistry

Thanks for being my most dedicated teacher ever. I will work very very very hard for Chemistry and do you proud (to the best of my abilities)!
Desiree Lim, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

You are one of the nicest teachers around with lots of tolerance. That makes you so awesome and well-loved by the students. May the best flow your way!
Kang Jie, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

You have made our understanding in Chemistry as strong as a sigma bond.
Yi Le, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Hi Ms Sim, thanks for all the entertaining and interesting lessons. You are the main reason why I want to work hard for my Chemistry. You are a very caring teacher, that’s why I have a lot of respect for you. Enjoy life
Zihang, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

I just want to thank you for being the very patient teacher whom had helped me through the second year of the 2 year Chemistry syllabus. Thank you for spending much time reinforcing important concepts and common mistakes thoroughly to ensure that we know exactly how to tackle them. I appreciate the extra efforts immensely. I am glad eventually I did not let you down or waste your efforts. Wishing you all the very best for your present batch of students and in all your future endeavours. Take care!
Joanna Tan, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thanks for teaching me Chemistry for the past 6 months. I really enjoyed Chemistry lessons with you as compared to my previous tuition teachers. You have really build up my confidence in doing Chemistry=) All I can say is you are the best Chem teacher I ever had, if I have any juniors that need chem tuition, I will definitely recommend them to you. Thanks again and take care!
Han Ming, Saint Andrews Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Hello Ms Sim, thank you N times for helping me in my chemistry for the past year! ( (: It was a pleasure to have you as my chemistry teacher and I can’t thank you enough !!!!! (((: I got an A for Chemistry !! 😀
Jiahui, River Valley High School, U to A for Chemistry

Wish you all the best and wish you are happy not just today, tomorrow but always. You are a great teacher. You’ve made Chemistry become so interesting, easy to understand and enjoyable to study. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done. Thank you once again. Take care always.
Lien, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

I only started tuition with Ms Sim a few months before my A levels. At that point, I was failing badly and even during prelims, I barely scraped a D. She provided me with ample resources that were comprehensive and helpful. Eventually, I managed to score an A for H2 Chem at A levels.
Lydia Yeow, Dunmun High School, U to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a very good and dedicated teacher. She helped my son improve from a 'S' grade to an 'A'.
Mrs Ee, Parent of Glenn Ee, Raffles Institution, S to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim has helped me to improve so much even though there was only a short period of time towards a levels. She has been really patient and encouraging me constantly even though by basics in chemistry was not strong. Improving from U in prelims to B in a levels, this is a miracle that I'd never have thought of achieving. Thank you Ms Sim! For never giving up on me and helping me to achieve such great results!
Cheryl Chong, Meridian Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Thanks for being such a great teacher and showing understanding an making an effort to help us. Also, for highlighting key points and making learning easier. Really appreciate it!!! Thanks so much once again!
Jiayin, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thank you for being a great chemistry teacher and for your patience in listening to us and answering all our many many questions painstakingly! And also for your guidance in matters that go beyond the chemistry syllabus. I appreciate the time and effort that you put in and your dedication in guiding us!
Ern Wei, National Junior College, B for Chemistry

Thank you for all your patience when helping me with my chem… It helped me to improve my understanding. Really appreciate your encouragement and concerns as well as all the time spent giving me the numerous consultations. Thank you once again.
Natalie Hong, National Junior College, B for Chemistry

Thank you for your patience and encouragement for the past 2 years. I’ve really learnt a lot from your Chemistry lessons=) Thank you also for helping me with some of the chemistry concepts. I really appreciate the time you have spent to answer my doubts and questions which were sometimes a little weird. Under your guidance, I’ve indeed manage to piece more parts of the "chemistry jigsaw puzzle”
Shu Ning, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Electrophile loves electrons. That’s how we love your teaching.
Xincheng, National Junior College, B for Chemistry

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Espen is a fantastic teacher. During my time with him, he taught me how to break down complex questions into smaller ones so that it would be easier for me to tackle it as a whole. He instilled into me a direct approach towards problem solving that is not only quick and efficient, but also simple to use. He is observant and never overlooks anything, and is always there to ensure that you understand everything first before attempting to take on any problems.
Tristen Tjokro, Victoria Junior College

Very dedicated teacher, always asks us to clarify our doubts with him anytime. Makes lessons more interesting by chatting with us. Thanks you for helping me improve my maths. Very knowledgeable about the subject and very patient without questions. Has faith in his student’s ability and always encourages us. Thank you Mr Lim!
Della Mu, Nanyang Junior College

Mr Lim is the most inspiring, motivating and smartest teacher I’ve ever met. Having gotten a U grade from my first physics test in JC2, I was devastated and extremely low in confidence. A good friend of mine highly recommended Mr Lim and I decided to go for his lessons. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Mr Lim is always encouraging and approachable. His lessons were engaging and never daunting. He made the most difficult questions look elementary. Gradually, I regained my confidence and my grades improved. Finally, I got an A for A levels, something I never thought would be possible. Thanks Mr Lim!
Kenneth, Innova Junior College

Mr Lim is a patient & dedicated tutor, whose guidance throughout my time with him, helped me tremendously in both my maths & physics. He never fails to simplify questions, allowing his students to understand key concepts better while also teaching us easier & more efficient ways to tackle challenging problems.
Joshua, Tampines Junior College

Hi Espen, this is Joranna, Darren's mummy. I wanted to write to u earlier but I have been very busy lately. I want to thank you for tutoring Darren. Darren did very well in his exam & he has been accepted to NUS medical school. He will be starting his course next month. Once again, thank you so much.
Mdm Ang, parent of Darren Lam, ACS (Independent)

Mr Lim did miracles. Made my 2 into a 6 within just 4 months. He was also able to cater to my peculiar learning style, something that not a lot of teachers were able to do. Lessons with Mr Lim may feel un-productive because it's fun, but truth is: lessons with Mr Lim are both productive and fun!
Wilson Nathaniel, ACS International

Mr Lim is a very dedicated, patient and supportive teacher. One aspect that I am very grateful for is his thoroughness in preparing practice questions regularly to ensure that I grasp concepts in detail. His resources have certainly prepared me for all my school examinations as they were tougher and more thought provoking. I was also often amazed by Mr Lim's ability to explain certain problems or concepts as he was able to do so in a very succinct manner. All in all, his effort has immensely contributed to my grade 7 in the final IB Examinations.
Simon, ACS Independent

Mr Lim has a lot of patience with the students and even though we might ask a lot of questions, he would never fail to answer each and everyone of them. He is a very dedicated teacher and would even attend to us when we have doubts outside of class. I joined in during the beginning of J2 and due to my commitments in school I missed out a lot of fundamental lessons in physics. For example : gravitation and Efield. Thus my results suffered for my March block test where I got a U grade for physics. However after joining Mr Lim's classes I regained my confidence in physics and finally understood many concepts that was previously a blur to me. I worked hard under Mr Lim's guidance and finally scored a B in physics for A level. Thank you so much and I am forever grateful !!
Edith, Meridian Junior College

Two years of tuition with you has been both enjoyable and greatly helpful. I feel the most helpful aspect of the tuition is how it complements my existing school work and the timely revisions for tests and Exams. The topical worksheets and revision notes you provide every week are very helpful and not restrictive on my time for school work. The help you provide outside tuition hours via WhatsApp is extremely helpful as my doubts were cleared almost instantly. Nearing the A-levels, the rigorous revisions were not tiring but fun and very informative.
Viasar, Tampines Junior College

Mr Lim, thank you for being ever so patient with my wacky and weird questions, always ensuring that I understood what you were teaching before moving on to the next topic. I have seen that my understanding in topics has improved tremendously after I joined you in mid year of my J1. You have a different teaching style compared to the numerous other tuition centres I have undergone and I very much like there concept of a teacher being able to point out my weakness and from there, help me improve in my weaker topics.
Rachel, Temasek Junior College

Before joining Espen, my H2 physics got an E for my J1 finals. After joining however, my grades saw an improvement and maintained a B or C throughout J2. Espen's ability to cater to each student's need coupled with his friendly disposition has made lessons enjoyable for me! In class I was very open and participated enthusiastically. Physics became a fun and easier subject to manage and it became one where I had confidence of getting an A. Regardless of the time, Espen always replies my messages and he offers to help me even at 2am. With his customised teaching approach, Espen will surely help you achieve your A.
Ethan, Saint Andrew's Junior College

Mr Espen Lim is a tutor of high calibre who teaches physics concepts in a concise and digestible manner. As a tutor, he has widened my understanding of physics and has allowed me to appreciate the subject more. As a student, I struggled to grapple physics in J1. With Mr Lim's guidance and patience to tailor his teaching to each of his students, I have drastically improved in my grades from an E at the start of J1 to consistent As and Bs in my J1 FE and in J2. Overall, I highly recommend Mr Lim as a physics tutor. Classes with him are never boring and are always insightful.
Stephanas Lim, Saint Andrew's Junior College