Here are some of the testimonials from our students.

Miss Sim is an extremely dedicated teacher with years of experience as a chemistry teacher. She has the passion to teach and pass on her wisdoms & knowledge to her students. Personally, Ms Sim has helped me improve my chemistry tremendously during my time with her and ultimately, helped me attain a grade for my A levels which was much higher than what I had before I joined her.

Randy Ng, Temasek Junior College, E to B for Chemistry

Mrs Sim is an exceptionally good chemistry teacher. With her sheer determination and will power, she maximizes her students' potential be it in class, regular assessments or intense practice. Having attended her class for about half a year, I improved by leaps and bounds and a lot of credit goes to her for pushing me to attain an A in prelims and A levels from an E grade in my mid year examinations. She cleared my misconceptions on certain topics and taught me how to apply the knowledge we acquire in class in our exams or tests through practice and quizzes in class. This ensured that we fully grasp the concepts in our syllabus. I believe she will continue to push students to their limits and maximize their potential so that they can get their distinction in the A levels.

Umer Siddiqui, St Andrew's Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

I joined Ms Sim in begining of J2 after CT1, where I did not fare well. Ms Sim is a patient and understanding teacher who would go the extra mile. She would go through in detail and give you feedback about what went wrong in your exams/test papers, which allows you to better ammend your errors. Her explanations are clear and concise, with lots of questions to practice! Thanks Ms Sim for not losing faith in all of us and I really enjoyed your chem lessons!! :))

Rachael Mak, Victoria Junior College, U to A for Chemistry

Really appreciate Ms Sim's patient guidance and mentorship throughout the past year! 🙂 I remember when I first joined the tuition in J2, Ms Sim really helped in reinforcing all the concepts and clarifying the misconceptions I had in J1. Without her, I wouldn't have gotten an A in chemistry! Truly grateful to have met this wonderful teacher! 🙂

Chou Lin Andrea, Victoria Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim was a great teacher who was always patient with me, answering all my questions tirelessly, even if there were bad questions (in retrospect). She was also very detailed and I really appreciated the effort she put into analyzing my script so I know where exactly I need to improve. I am also very grateful for the fact that she has things prepared for every lesson but is also flexible enough to change it to accommodate my last minute requests, such as when I need help for other questions or when I need her help to check my work. Overall, I'm thankful for all the help she has rendered to me, and it made a whole lot of difference in not only my grades but also my interest in chemistry.

Lynette Yeo, Dunman High School, U to B for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a committed and caring teacher. She taught me for 1.5 years, which has helped improved my grades from a C to an A in A levels. She understands our difficulties and weaknesses firstly and then pinpoints these areas. I am thankful for her great help and for her notes, which summarise the great chunks of chemistry information into more manageable context. She knows what is important and applicable to exams, which is important as it helps me prioritise on these information for exams. She has an in-depth understanding of the subject and teaches examination techniques such as answering skills and time management. She has been a really big help to me, thank you Ms Sim!

Leom Sheng Peng, Hwa Chong Institution, C to A for Chemistry

Tuitions have never really worked out for me in the past, but after joining Ms Sim's class, my chemistry improved dramatically and I am so thankful to have stayed with her for more than a year. She is willing to extend the lessons beyond the allocated time to ensure all our doubts were cleared and also open extra classes for topics we were weak in. Ms Sim have helped me a lot, thank you!!!

Selina Liu, Pioneer Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

A patient and dedicated teacher, Ms Sim is able explain the core concepts whilst bringing in other relevant topics, thus making the learning of chemistry more palatable. Her concise notes provide us with the depth of knowledge, while the topical practices ensure that we have the breadth and exposure. Lessons with her are fruitful, making the learning of chemistry a worthwhile experience. Thank you Ms Sim!

Adeline Andikko, Hwa Chong Institution, S to B for Chemistry

Thank you for your encouragement and kindness for the 2 years. I have really learnt a lot from your Chemistry lessons and your assistance for my IAs and EE was of great help. I really appreciate the time you have spent to answer my countless doubts and questions which were quite repetitive and absurd at times. I really hope more students improve their chemistry grades under your guidance!

Simon, ACS Independent, 7 for Chemistry

I started having lessons with Miss Sim at the start of J2 because I was constantly failing chemistry in J1. After attending her lessons, I managed to improve and started to get better grades throughout J2. Miss Sim's notes are extremely concise and comprehensible. She is also a very dedicated and patient teacher. After every examination, she would do an analysis of the paper and pick out my weak points so that I can improve on those topics. Without her unwavering support and guidance throughout the A level period, I wouldn't have been able to obtain my A for H2 Chemistry! I am definitely grateful to have a teacher like her 🙂

Ng Wan Ting, Raffles Institution, S to A for Chemistry

I only started tuition with Ms Sim a few months before my A levels. At that point, I was failing badly and even during prelims, I barely scraped a D. She provided me with ample resources that were comprehensive and helpful. Eventually, I managed to score an A for H2 Chemistry at A levels.

Lydia Yeow, Dunman High School, U to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim is a very good and dedicated teacher. She helped my son improve from a 'S' grade to an 'A'.

Mrs Ee, Parent of Glenn Ee, Raffles Institution, S to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim has managed to assist me, despite the crash-course nature of the last-minute lessons we had, in scoring well for my chemistry exam. She was able to effectively tackle conceptual problems I had with ease. And of course, her lessons are very fun. Thank you so much, Ms Sim!

Wilson Nathaniel, ACS International, 4 to 6 for Chemistry

Ms Sim has helped me to improve so much even though there was only a short period of time towards a levels. She has been really patient and encouraging me constantly even though by basics in chemistry was not strong. Improving from U in prelims to B in a levels, this is a miracle that I'd never have thought of achieving. Thank you Ms Sim! For never giving up on me and helping me to achieve such great results!

Cheryl Chong, Meridian Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Before joining Ms Sim, I have always been struggling to pass chemistry. Throughout about half a year with Ms Sim, I managed to pick up more skills and knowledge on the subject, as well as finding motivation to study harder. Her notes on the subject are always precise and detailed, highlighting the necessary points. Through many practices and constant revision with us, I had managed to get an 'A' grade in the Alevels. Without Ms Sim's patience and guidance, I would not have been able to get this grade. Thank you, Ms Sim.

Lim Jiahui, Temasek Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

Ms Lily is a very dedicated, supportive and patient teacher. One aspect that I’m very thankful for is her thoroughness in preparing practice questions to drill me to ensure that I have learnt the syllabus inside out. Her resources have definitely prepared me well for my school tests and examinations as they were concise and easier to understand and remember as compared to school notes, which helped me tremendously during revision. Her tricks and special answering techniques for the subject stuck with me throughout the period when she was my tutor and helped me to solve many difficult questions fast and accurately. Ms Lily’s answers to my questions on theory content were also very clear both in person and over texts, and she always explained the methods and solutions thoroughly in detail to ensure that I have understood and learnt them comprehensively. Additionally, her analysis of each of my school’s marked Chemistry paper were extremely useful in highlighting my weaker topics, careless mistakes and certain areas of improvement, allowing me to work more on them and improve significantly. Ms Lily’s patient and thorough guidance in Chemistry, which was one of my weaker subjects, has more than adequately prepared me for my A Level Examinations. I would like to thank Ms Lily for her lessons and for guiding me to eventually score a B grade for my A Level Chemistry exam, an unexpected result which I thought was difficult to attain, since I had been scoring an E grade in my school exams. She has influenced me greatly and positively in my understanding of the subject and my attitude towards it. Having Ms Lily as my Chemistry tutor has certainly made my JC education journey a very memorable and enjoyable learning experience.

Valerie Lau, Hwa Chong Institution, U to B for Chemistry

When I started having lessons, my Chemistry was on the brink of failure, but by Ms. Sim's teaching methods and constant revision, I was able to clinch an A grade in this year's A levels. I've never been a good Chemistry student, but I feel like her notes and revision packages were more than adequate for replacing those from my school, and overall help me to improve my scores.

Sean Wong, Raffles Institution, U to A for Chemistry

A:) Tqqq for helping me! :

Charis Tham, Dunman High School, U to A for Chemistry

Hey, thought I shld let you know that I got a B for chem. I never thought I wld get anything above a C, so thank you so much for your help (:

Kimberly Cheng, Meridian Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Nigel's A Level results: Chem - B. We are very happy considering the minimum effort he put in.

Mrs Chen, Parent of Nigel Chen, St Andrew's Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

I'm happy chemistry got A. HAHA THANKYOUU ^^

Glenn Heng, Temasek Junior College, U to A for Chemistry

It was only a few months away from Alevels when I started having lessons with Ms Sim.

I have never pass my chemistry before throughout my JC life. Her notes were very organised and precise and with constant drilling using her revision worksheets, my

grades managed to improve tremendously. With Ms Sim's guidance and perseverance in helping me, I managed to clinch a 'B' grade in Alevels, a feat I could not achieve if it's not for Ms Sim.

Kwok Anqi, Temasek Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Thanks Ms Sim for teaching me this year and following me through to the end of the journey! Thank you for all the challenging worksheets ( I pulled a lot of hair out doing them haha nah just kidding) and also for always being patient when explaining concepts and answering my sometimes weird questions=) Hope you continue being a great teacher!

Cheryl Lai, Victoria Junior College, A for Chemistry

Hi Ms Sim, Vic Cheng here. Straight As!!!!!! Thank you for your help!!!!!

Victoria Cheng, Raffles Institution, A for Chemistry

Thank you Ms Sim for your patience and guidance in explaining the concepts if not I would not have improved=)I am also lucky to have you as my tutor. Thank you!

Rachel Lim, Nanyang Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Thanks for being my most dedicated teacher ever. I will work very very very hard for Chemistry and do you proud (to the best of my abilities)! NJC is so lucky to have you in the Chemistry Department!

Desiree Lim, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

You are one of the nicest teachers around with lots of tolerance. That makes you so awesome and well-loved by the students. May the best flow your way!

Kang Jie, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

You have made our understanding in Chemistry as strong as a sigma bond.

Yi Le, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

This is Joanna from your 2006-2007 IP H2 Chemistry class. I just want to thank you for being the very patient teacher whom had helped me through the second year of the 2 year Chemistry syllabus. Thank you for spending much time reinforcing important concepts and common mistakes thoroughly to ensure that we know exactly how to tackle them. I appreciate the extra efforts immensely. I am glad eventually I did not let you down or waste your efforts. Wishing you all the very best for your present batch of students and in all your future endeavours. Take care!

Joanna Tan, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thank you for your invaluable advice and help in the past year=) You are really one of the teachers I respect most in NJC and I really would not have gotten my A if not for you! I will always remember you=)

Meiyin, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thank you for being such a nice teacher to have brought so much fun to our class. Thank you for all the hard work put in to help our class understand the subject better. I am starting to understand the topics more, Chemistry has become so much more fun!

Yinting, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher! You have always been such a wonderful teacher … You really inspire me to want to excel and to know more. I know I haven’t been performing up to expectations and haven’t really been improving but I assure you Ms Sim I will do much better. I was really caught up for the year from Nationals to have migrane headaches but I assure you I will work doubly hard for Chemistry. Without you, we would have been really lost. Ms Sim, thank you for guiding us, inspiring us!

Douglas Wee, National Junior College, B for Chemistry

Hi Ms Sim, thanks for all the entertaining and interesting lessons. You are the main reason why I want to work hard for my Chemistry. You are a very caring teacher, that’s why I have a lot of respect for you. Enjoy life.

Zihang, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thanks for teaching me Chemistry for the past 6 months. I really enjoyed Chemistry lessons with you as compared to my previous tuition teachers. You have really build up my confidence in doing Chemistry=) All I can say is you are the best Chem teacher I ever had, if I have any juniors that need chem tuition, I will definitely recommend them to you. Thanks again and take care!

Lim Han Ming, Saint Andrews Junior College, U to B for Chemistry

Hello Ms Sim, thank you N times for helping me in my chemistry for the past year! ( (: It was a pleasure to have you as my chemistry teacher and I can’t thank you enough !!!!! (((: I got an A for Chemistry !! 😀

Fan Jiahui, River Valley High School, U to A for Chemistry

Wish you all the best and wish you are happy not just today, tomorrow but always. You are a great teacher. You’ve made Chemistry become so interesting, easy to understand and enjoyable to study. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done. Thank you once again. Take care always.

Lien, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thanks for being such a great teacher and showing understanding an making an effort to help us. Also, for highlighting key points and making learning easier. Really appreciate it!!! Thanks so much once again!

Jiayin, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Thank you for all your patience when helping me with my chem… It helped me to improve my understanding. Really appreciate your encouragement and concerns as well as all the time spent giving me the numerous consultations. Thank you once again.

Natalie Hong, National Junior College, B for Chemistry

Thank you for your patience and encouragement for the past 2 years. I’ve really learnt a lot from your Chemistry lessons=) Thank you also for helping me with some of the chemistry concepts. I really appreciate the time you have spent to answer my doubts and questions which were sometimes a little weird. Under your guidance, I’ve indeed manage to piece more parts of the "chemistry jigsaw puzzle”

Shu Ning, National Junior College, A for Chemistry

Ms. Sim and Mr. Lim have been very patient and dedicated teachers! Thank you for making the hard things easy and the easy things even easier, and for the guidance and advice that you have given me! Your advice has allowed me to secure an A for Chemistry and a B for Physics! 🙂

Ian Wu, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, U to A for Chemistry, B for Physics

Electrophile loves electrons. That’s how we love your teaching.

Xincheng, National Junior College, B for Chemistry

Mr Lim, thank you for being ever so patient with my wacky and weird questions, always ensuring that I understood what you were teaching before moving on to the next topic. I have seen that my understanding in topics has improved tremendously after I joined you in mid year of my J1. You have a different teaching style compared to the numerous other tuition centres I have undergone and I very much like there concept of a teacher being able to point out my weakness and from there, help me improve in my weaker topics.

Rachel Khong, Temasek Junior College - Physics

Mr Espen Lim is an excellent teacher as he upholds the qualities that an ideal teacher would possess. He is not only able to nurture a student in terms of their academic ability and prowess, he has a good personality and character in which many students favour. His deep knowledge and understanding in the subject of mathematics has helped me improve my grades in the second year of my Junior College education, leading up to my "A" level examinations. Mr Espen is also a good listener and communicates his ideas well with many useful tips and shortcuts to aid us in our understanding. His teaching style is interesting and easy to understand. He executes his lesson in a way that will be the most efficient to his students, with small classes and much attention spent on each student. He diligently crafts notes and practices to serve the needs of each specific student. In addition, he encourages his students as exams are nearing, even when I felt that it was difficult to keep the momentum going. All in all, Mr Espen Lim is an exceptional teacher who is dedicated and kind to all his students.

Samantha Wong Tampines Junior College - Maths

Very dedicated teacher, always asks us to clarify our doubts with him anytime. Makes lessons more interesting by chatting with us. Thanks you for helping me improve my maths. Very knowledgeable about the subject and very patient without questions. Has faith in his student's ability and always encourages us. Thank you Mr Lim!

Della Mu, Nanyang Junior College - Maths

Mr Lim is a very dedicated and supportive teacher. I am really grateful for his thoroughness in preparing extra questions for topics that I lack in understanding to ensure that I can fully grasp the topic. The various types of questions that he prepared gave me confidence when faced with similar questions. His ability to explain his thought process in detail helped in shaping the way I should go about when doing questions. Thank you Mr Lim for the support and guidance that you have given me the past year.

Eizyan, Temasek Junior College - Physics

Two years of tuition with you has been both enjoyable and greatly helpful. I feel the most helpful aspect of the tuition is how it complements my existing school work and the timely revisions for tests and Exams. The topical worksheets and revision notes you provide every week are very helpful and not restrictive on my time for school work. The help you provide outside tuition hours via WhatsApp is extremely helpful as my doubts were cleared almost instantly. Nearing the A-levels, the rigorous revisions were not tiring but fun and very informative.

Viasar, Tampines Junior College - Physics

Mr Espen Lim is a tutor of high calibre who teaches physics concepts in a concise and digestible manner. As a tutor, he has widened my understanding of physics and has allowed me to appreciate the subject more. As a student, I struggled to grapple physics in J1. With Mr Lim's guidance and patience to tailor his teaching to each of his students, i have drastically improved in my grades from an E at the start of J1 to consistent As and Bs in my J1 FE and in J2. Overall, I highly recommend Mr Lim as a physics tutor. Classes with him are never boring and are always insightful.

Stephanas Lim, Saint Andrew's Junior College - Physics

Mr Lim is the most inspiring, motivating and smartest teacher I’ve ever met. Having gotten a U grade from my first physics test in JC2, I was devastated and extremely low in confidence. A good friend of mine highly recommended Mr Lim and I decided to go for his lessons. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Mr Lim is always encouraging and approachable. His lessons were engaging and never daunting. He made the most difficult questions look elementary. Gradually, I regained my confidence and my grades improved. Finally, I got an A for A levels, something I never thought would be possible. Thanks Mr Lim!

Kenneth, Innova Junior College, A for Physics

Mr Lim did miracles. Made my 2 into a 6 within just 4 months. He was also able to cater to my peculiar learning style, something that not a lot of teachers were able to do. Lessons with Mr Lim may feel un-productive because it's fun, but truth is: lessons with Mr Lim are both productive and fun!

Wilson Nathaniel, ACS International, 2 to 6 for Physics

Mr Lim is a very dedicated, patient and supportive teacher. One aspect that I am very grateful for is his thoroughness in preparing practice questions regularly to ensure that I grasp concepts in detail. His resources have certainly prepared me for all my school examinations as they were tougher and more thought provoking. I was also often amazed by Mr Lim's ability to explain certain problems or concepts as he was able to do so in a very succinct manner. All in all, his effort has immensely contributed to my grade 7 in the final IB Examinations.

Simon, ACS Independent, 7 for Maths and Physics

Mr Lim has a lot of patience with the students and even though we might ask a lot of questions, he would never fail to answer each and everyone of them. He is a very dedicated teacher and would even attend to us when we have doubts outside of class. I joined in during the beginning of J2 and due to my commitments in school I missed out a lot of fundamental lessons in physics. For example : gravitation and Efield. Thus my results suffered for my March block test where I got a U grade for physics. However after joining Mr Lim's classes I regained my confidence in physics and finally understood many concepts that was previously a blur to me. I worked hard under Mr Lim's guidance and finally scored a B in physics for A level. Thank you so much and I am forever grateful !!

Edith, Meridian Junior College, B for Physics

Mr Lim is a dedicated teacher who never gives up on his students and patiently works with them to achieve good results.

Richmond, Hwa Chong Institution, A for Physics and Maths

Mr Lim is a patient and dedicated tutor, whose guidance throughout my time with him, helped me tremendously in both my maths and physics. Mr Lim never fails to simplify questions, allowing his students to be able to understand key concepts better while also teaching us easier and more efficient ways to tackle challenging problems.

Joshua, Tampines Junior College, B for Physics and A for Maths

Espen is a fantastic teacher. During my time with him, he taught me how to break down complex questions into smaller ones so that it would be easier for me to tackle it as a whole. He instilled into me a direct approach towards problem solving that is not only quick and efficient, but also simple to use. He is observant and never overlooks anything, and is always there to ensure that you understand everything first before attempting to take on any problems.

Tristen Tjokro, Victoria Junior College, A for Physics and Maths

Hey Cher! Just wanna thank you man, got A for maths and physics. You the best la haha

Raphael Royston, Anglo Chinese Junior College, A for Maths and Physics

Ms. Sim and Mr. Lim have been very patient and dedicated teachers! Thank you for making the hard things easy and the easy things even easier, and for the guidance and advice that you have given me! Your advice has allowed me to secure an A for Chemistry and a B for Physics! 🙂

Ian Wu, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, U to A for Chemistry, B for Physics

Thomas passed his promos. Although it was only one month, he has already shown much progress in physics. Thank you Mr Lim, for taking him under your tutelage despite the short span of time; for that, I am always grateful.

Mrs Susan Teo, parent of Thomas, Victoria Junior College, 2016

Hi Espen, this is Joranna, Darren's mummy. I wanted to write to u earlier but I have been very busy lately. I want to thank you for tutoring Darren. Darren did very well in his exam n he has been accepted to NUS medical school. He will be starting his course next month. Once again, thank you so much.

Mdm Ang, parent of Darren Lam, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), 3 to 7 for Maths

Omg i got all As!!! omg omg omg thanks Mr Lim!

Saera Cha, National Junior College, A for Maths

Hi Mr Lim, I got A for Maths. Thank you!

Ho Xinyi, National Junior College, A for Maths

GP lessons with Mr Chng have equipped me with the necessary frameworks to handle the stupendous complexities and challenges of this commonly misunderstood subject. His methods are incredulously easy to apply and confidence-inspiring under stressful exam environment. The most beneficial takeaway I have from his classes, is learning the subtleties and nuances of the English language - minute distinctions between synonyms that would have otherwise been interchangeable. It lends itself to extensive applications: from intricate question analysis in Paper 1, to accurate passage inference in Paper 2. It is through Mr Chng's classes that I ultimately come to comprehend and appreciate the role of context in expressed communication. I still find these skill-sets I have learnt, neatly complementing the scientific writing I have to do in university. Not one to warp discussion of controversial topics behind unnecessary euphemisms, Mr Chng approaches modern world hot-button issues with candid scrutiny and refreshing clarity. It is with such veracity that his analysis of any subject matter maintains timeless relevance while being invigoratingly thought-provocative and insightful. Mr Chng's deep understanding of the human emotions means that he is often the coach and mentor to his students, a role he absolutely has no obligations to perform but yet chooses to still make the sacrifice. I could recall my brief ethical struggle over an organisational decision while in NS and sought answers from Mr Chng, but he showed me the complacency in my ways, that convenient third-person opinions were not resolutions to problems. Mr Chng's lessons go beyond the classroom, beyond the A-Levels GP paper and beyond the two years in JC. He teaches you more than scoring well for a subject, he teaches you mastery over your own emotions, your worldview, and how much of an impact you never know you can make in your community.

Jeremy Lian

Mr Chng has undoubtedly been one of the most impactful teachers I've had to date. As his GP student, not only has my grades improved tremendously, but my knowledge of the world and the different perspectives has grown as well. Mr Chng grew my interest in GP and nurtured me into a more analytical and thoughtful writer who is better able identify underlying issues and resolutions. His classes are highly engaging and dynamic, and he makes GP (unbelievably) exciting. 10/10 would recommend!

Rachel Yong

Mr Chng was a tutor that had a massive impact on not just my GP grades, but my personal growth as well. He taught me to be an independent learner, to not just expect to be fed answers, but to believe in myself and search for answers from within. He helped me to understand that we are all more capable than we think, and understand the importance of standing on my own two feet. These values have stayed with me for many years since my A Levels, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Tan Wei Xiang

Mr Chng is a teacher who truly cares about his students beyond the grades, and even after graduation. What I admire most about him as a teacher is how he is able to balance giving students different perspective and life lessons while being practical about teaching examination skills - which is the main reason why i benefitted from and love my GP classes.

Jaclene Tay

Mr Chng is an insightful teacher who has patiently guided me throughout my GP journey with him. His extensive knowledge has definitely helped me to develop newer perspectives and a deeper understanding of the world we live in. I strongly believe that Mr Chng would be able to guide any student that he may meet.

Huang Queenie

I was taught by Mr Chng for my GP A levels back in 2013. The systematic approach that he taught us to categorize comprehension questions were effective in saving time during examinations and being more comprehensive in answering the questions. While harder to grasp, Mr Chng's lessons were fruitful as we would try to understand the process of insight development in essay writing. Till date, these skills remain useful when looking at issues that are prevalent in our world today. Thank you Mr Chng for preparing us not just for the A levels but also in understanding the world around us!

Li Han

Mr Chng's classes were not your usual mundane tuition sessions. The 2 hour weekly sessions with Mr Chng made me think deeply and independently come up with fresh, engaging ideas to readers. Spoon-feeding was all the rage in the lead up and prep to the A levels, and I'm grateful Mr Chng didn't succumb to that; he constantly encouraged us to ask questions instead. Nearing the exams, he was willing to give extra consultation sessions to clear up any doubts. I was struggling, barely scraping through GP but thanks to Mr Chng, I managed to secure a B for the final A Levels, entered one of the top universities in the UK, and am now working in a MNC. Just want to say thank you for his guidance and patience!

Priscilla Khoo

Mr Chng is a mentor that teaches me ‘to fish’ and search for my own answers both in class and in life. His GP lessons and advice are pivotal in my efforts to think deeper by teaching me to think critically and consider different perspectives to an issue. Through many sessions with him, I am now able to clarify, condense and confidently express my thoughts and opinions in an objective manner. The ripple effect goes beyond the classroom doors and I’m grateful to have him as my mentor.

Teo Yimin

As my literature teacher for two years, Mr Chng made the topic less intimidating for students who had only just begun their journey in literature. He was creative in making each class palatable and gave knowledge in bite-sized portions to ensure that everyone could understand. I remember how we were all asked to choose a pop song and used it to learn literature techniques by analysing it together as a class. Beyond the classroom, he was also a reliable mentor who emphasised greatly on values and any student under his tutelage can be assured that he or she is in great hands.

Bibiana Loh

Mr Chng is a patient and understanding tutor who provides guidance and support in ways that encourage self-directed learning. I was motivated by the tools and insights he provided to begin to explore GP not only as an A Level subject but also with relevance to understanding the world around me, which led me to finding my own voice in the essays that I write.

Jaclyn Chong

Insightful, intelligent, intriguing. Undergoing 2 years of Mr Chng's tutelage for H1 Literature taught me more than just the wisdom to interpret prose & poems. His teaching approach regularly stimulates the core of "why" more than "what" we think of social issues. You'll find that his exam techniques are unconventional from traditional education, and maybe that was what made the difference for me and my peers.

Lai Changyuan

Mr Chng taught me GP during my time in Jurong Junior College. On top of being an exceptionally wonderful teacher, Mr Chng displayed a rare sensitivity and insight towards dealing with the problems facing students in his class. His passion for his students and unwavering commitment towards excellence inspired me to put in my best effort for my GP paper. Mr Chng's method of approaching the subject has stuck with me for a long time and I still employ his techniques when I write my Masters dissertation.

Salihin Subhan

Mr Chng is a dedicated tutor who delves deep into contentious issues, clarifying doubts not only with regards to content but also in the understanding of key concepts. His ability to analyse such issues from multiple perspectives has shed light on how to expound on and provide insightful resolutions for them under timed exam conditions, thereby writing an essay which aptly covers breadth and depth. Thanks Mr Chng for making GP an enjoyable subject!

Zhang Wei

Mr Chng was my GP tutor in J2. He always encouraged us to look at various issues from fresh, unique perspectives, which helped us formulate novel arguments in our essays. He also gave us invaluable tips on how to craft an impactful essay. His classes were always enjoyable, I looked forward to them every week.

Hiak Jun Jie

Mr Chng is very passionate in teaching and he welcomes any questions (pertaining to learning) thrown at him. I never had a problem finding him for consultation even when it was arranged last minute. He assisted my learning by providing me with insightful and fresh perspectives, and he never hesitated to help a student when it comes to learning.

Neo Huijuan

Mr Chng is a unique kind of teacher/tutor for GP. At the start I was quite shocked as the way he talked was quite straightforward and he didn't limit his vocabulary like how MOE teachers are to seem nice and all. He's not afraid to tell you straight up if it's wrong. His methods are spectacular once you've gotten the hang of it as it teaches you a different method of approach and thought process for GP. School teachers will give you what works generally, like a standard issue bullet for your gun. Mr Chng will issue you a special round that explodes, but you have to learn well of course. Once you do, you'll be having the upper hand in GP.

Ong Teng Jun

Mr Chng is an experienced and critical teacher that frequently unveils interesting perspectives during the general paper essay discussion and writing sessions. His unique writing style sets the tone and clearly identifies the scope of the paper, enabling his readers to follow his train of thoughts while the storyline gradually unfolds. As an educator, he is passionate about teaching and goes the extra mile in helping his students. Despite his criticisms, his words spurred the motivation within me to excel for the better. Thanks Mr Chng for the guidance and constant encouragement!

Rochelle Chua

Mr Chng's GP lessons were engaging and I enjoyed going for classes every week. Mr Chng is also very knowledgable and he was very willing to help students with whatever questions they had. His guidance helped me achieve my A for GP!

Koay Xinyi, Class of 2014

Mr Chng was an effective teacher who taught General Paper in a clear manner. He taught me how to question assumptions and analyse issues from different angles. I learnt new insights every lesson.

Zhi Xiang

Mr Chng is a dedicated tutor. He tries to connect with the students. Open communication really helped with the learning.

Rae Saw