Time flies and we are reaching the end of 2019. This is the time of the year that my JC 1 students who are in my JC Chemistry tuition classes await with either anticipation or in anxiety for their promo results. For the JC2 students, they are in the thick of the action, working very hard in preparation for their A level Chemistry exams. Despite the fact that this is the umpteenth year that I have been teaching A level Chemistry tuition, I somehow feel like I am the one who is going for the A level Chemistry exam and am also feeling some degree of anxiety. I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way but somehow I can’t help it.

I am sharing on what are the important things to take note in time management which will complement having a good understanding of the subject in order to do well for H2 Chemistry.

Be stingy with your time

Doing well for A level Chemistry goes beyond the mere understanding of the subject. In fact, knowing how to optimize your time is crucial in your preparation for A level exams. Time is your biggest enemy during JC years and I have seen students struggle with time management. Small pockets of time slip past us easily through various activities such as spending time on social media, catching Korean drama or US sitcoms, taking naps, time spent on public transport, just to name a few. Adding up these pockets of time will actually get one to realise that there is substantial time lost.

Be intentional

Being stingy with your time is the first step for creating pockets of time for one to be intentional on where to spend the time on. Schools, tuition centres, family and friends are the most likely sources that you will spend time on. Especially during the nearing of exams, students are likely to be faced with many remedial classes conducted in school and additional tuition lessons for different subjects with one common goal of helping the students ace their exams. It is all done with good intent but students sometimes will need to exercise their own judgement on whether the help rendered is useful and relevant for them. In my opinion, sometimes, interventions for the majority of students may not cater to the individual needs of the student which may end up depleting the student’s precious time. Also, students need to be intentional. For example, students need to come in prepared to clarify on questions they have during consultation sessions in school or with their tutors. If you are going in for the lesson with no questions in mind, the time spent will not be time well spent as compared to students who came in prepared with their questions.

 Be realistic when drafting your daily time table

Most students have the practice of working out their daily time table leading up to exams. Students will have to be realistic when working out the time table by factoring in rest time, transport time and hours spent studying. The consequence of not painting a realistic picture is that students may think that they have more time in their hands than what the reality is which can be really frightening.

JC life really passes by in a flash. Just want to wish all students taking JC Chemistry A level exams this year the very best of luck! Regardless of the results, just remember that A levels is just a milestone in your time and is definitely not the ultimate indicator of your success in life! If you do well, that is excellent. If you don’t do well, fret not, you can still be successful in your own way. The important thing is to try your best and not have any regrets. Good luck folks!