JC H2 Maths Tuition

JC H2 Maths tuition is currently offered at the following timings:

JC Maths Class Schedule

LevelDayTimeClass StatusLocation
JC 2Saturday11.30AM - 1.30PMOpen for registrationKembangan
JC 1Saturday4.30PM - 6.30PMOpen for registrationKembangan
JC 2Sunday11.30AM - 1.30PMOpen for registrationBeauty World
JC 1Sunday4.30PM - 6.30PMOpen for registrationBeauty World
Small group JC Maths tuition by Mr Espen Lim is well sought after given his wealth of experience in providing A Level Maths tuition at the H2 level in Singapore. His class size is deliberately kept small (of up to 8 students) so that he can maximize the learning effectiveness by paying personalized attention to his students. He has more than 18 years experience tutoring JC H2 Mathematics and 96% of his students achieved A’s and B’s in their H2 Maths examination.

Espen also goes the extra mile by providing notes and customizing his lessons to suit different learning abilities. It is natural for students to have different learning ability and to be receptive to different teaching styles. Therefore, instead of students to adapting to the tutor’s teaching approach, Espen customizes his teaching methodology to suit individual learning preferences. With years of experience tutoring JC Maths, he has sharpened his ability to uncover the best learning method for each student and adjust to the optimal teaching method.

During school term, each topic will be covered in detail over two lessons. 2 to 3 weeks prior the examination, revision lessons will be conducted. Time is also set aside for each student for consultation during his classes: A great opportunity for students to bring their own questions that they have difficulty with. Because complex math concepts are made interesting and easy by Espen, students usually find that they learn more in Espen’s weekly classes than what they learnt in the whole week at school.


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Topics covered in H2 Maths:

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