Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide whether to choose private home tuition / small group tuition (approximately 3-10 students) / large group tuition (approximately 11-50 students)?
What is your maximum class size?
Can I do a trial lesson for group tuition?
When should I start tuition?
After enrolling into your tuition classes, will I be guaranteed an A for A Level examinations?
Should I attend additional lessons for Chemistry during school holidays? After signing up for the additional lessons for Chemistry during school holidays, can I withdraw from the additional lessons due to a change of mind?
Do I need to sit for an entry admission test before enrolling into your tuition classes?
Why should I join the classes for A level Chemistry tuition?
I am taking H1 Chemistry, can I join the H2 Chemistry class?
I have done well for my O level chemistry (A2 or B3), can I expect to continue to do well for A level chemistry?
For 1-1 tuition, will there be penalty charges for last minute cancellation?
What should I do if I cannot make it for lessons?
Can I do a make-up if I miss a lesson? Can I have a refund of fees if I do not want to do a make-up lesson?
Can I attend make-up lessons after withdrawing from the class?
What should I do if I forget to bring my fees for payment?