Students enrol in JC chemistry tuition classes in the hope for doing well for their A levels. However,
some students aren’t exactly clear on what they expect out of tuition as different tutors will conduct
their classes with different intents in mind. Basically, there are two main types of how lessons are
delivered which serve different types of intentions. They are Advancement and Reinforcement.

Advancement is the approach taken by tutors who teach the students ahead of time on the a level
chemistry topics that have yet to be covered by the schools. For such an approach, tutors will teach
the topics in a certain sequence based on their scheme of work. The upside of this approach is that
students will learn more than what is covered in school. The downside is that for the weaker
students, they will struggle as they have challenges navigating their current work.

Reinforcement is the other approach taken by tutors who believe in going through the existing
topics taught in school to reinforce their learning. For such an approach, tutors will summarise the
key concepts to reinforce their learning as students have already been taught in school. The upside
of this approach is that the topics covered will not be foreign to the students as they have already
gone through it in school. Furthermore, it helps them clear their challenges on existing topics that
they are grappling with. The downside is that the topics aren’t taught in advanced.

Decide which approach suits you best: Advancement or Reinforcement. Find a tutor which delivers
the approach that best suits you.

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