Syllabus covered in our A Level JC Maths tuition programme.


  1. Functions and Graphs
  • Functions
  • Graphs and transformations
  • Equations and inequalities
  1. Sequences and Series
  • Sequences and series
  1. Vectors
  • Basic properties of vectors in two and three dimensions
  • The scalar and vector products of vectors
  • Three-dimensional vector geometry
  1. Introduction to Complex Numbers
  • Complex numbers expressed in cartesian form
  • Complex numbers expressed in polar form
  1. Calculus
  • Differentiation
  • Maclaurin’s series
  • Integration techniques
  • Definite integrals
  • Differential equations


  1. Probability and Statistics
  • Probability
  • Discrete random variables
  • Normal distribution
  • Sampling
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Correlation and Linear regression

Weightage of A Level H2 Math Paper

Paper 1: 50%

3 hr paper consisting 10 to 12 questions. Paper 1 covers the Pure Mathematics segments of the math syllabus.

Paper 2: 50%

3 hr paper with two sections. Section A has 4 to 5 questions on the Pure Mathematics syllabus (40 marks). Section B has 6 to 8 questions on the Probability and Statistics syllabus (60 marks).

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