Career Options for University Graduates in Chemistry

The employment world for chemistry graduates in Singapore can be divided into three main areas of application: Research & Development, Analysis and Higher Education. Each area of application offers a wide range of career options and here are some possible careers that are worth exploring for the different areas of application:

1. Research & Development

Graduates with a Chemistry degree can pursue a career as a Chemist by doing applied research in different industries such as agrochemical, pharmaceutical and personal care. Jobs as chemists require them to apply what they learnt in school to real world issues and develop products that meet a specific need which considers the needs of the business and industry.

2. Analysis

In the specialised areas of analytical science and forensic science, graduates can pursue a career as a Scientific Officer or Laboratory Officer if they decide to apply what they know to perform analysis and conduct investigative work.

3. Higher Education

Graduates who are interested to teach the future generations can pursue a career in Higher Education can consider teaching Chemistry in Junior Colleges or pursue an academic career in universities.


Decide which area of application interests you in the field of Chemistry and pursue a career that speaks to your interest! If you are already enrolled in Ms Sim’s JC Chemistry tuition lessons, feel free to consult her on your options as well.