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Here are some exam study tips that students would find handy:

  1. Be accountable for your time

Do a weekly timetable in blocks of 30 minutes. Fill in the activities that are fixed such as school, CCAs, meal times, travelling time, etc. The blocks that are not filled are pockets of time that you can use for planning, be it for studying or breaks.

  1. Set goals

Set a goal, it keeps one focused and less prone to procrastination. “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar.

  1. Do timed trials

There is no point studying for an important exam when you are unable to complete the paper. Timed trials are essential for time management and every student should do at least one timed trial for a major exam to avoid the unpleasant situation of not completing a paper

  1. Time allocation for each question

As a rule of the thumb, you may use the time allocation of the paper and divide it by the number of marks allocated for the paper. For example, a 3-hour Maths paper worth 100 marks gives you 1.8 minutes per mark. Hence, a 5 mark question should not take you more than 9 minutes to complete.

  1. Write a list of reasons why you want to get good results

Sometimes, students do feel unmotivated or down after ploughing through a difficult topic with little progress to show. This is when this list comes in handy. The items on the list do not have to be complied overnight. Add one item every week and it will be a comprehensive list over time.