GP Tutor

Mr John Goh was trained and certified as a tutor in Hawaii Pacific University. He went on to tutor English writing and ESL (English as a second language), to students from Hawaii Pacific University and Oregon State University. From the year 2000 to the present, Mr Goh has had many students ranging from Secondary to Junior College levels. 95% of GP students tutored by him had scored Bs or better in their A level GP examination.  100% of GP students who had originally scored Cs and below were able to score at least a B or better in their A levels.

To do well in GP, students would require more than good writing skills. Mr Goh’s strengths lie in coaching broader insight and perspective, and in developing personal opinion and innovative thinking. Coupled with his extensive overseas experience, Mr Goh’s approach to GP aims to not just equip students with the mastery to do well in examinations, but to also hone a keener appreciation of real-world issues.