A Level General Paper Tuition

General-Paper-TuitionGeneral Paper, or GP, is a H1 subject for A levels in Singapore. This is a compulsory subject for all JC students, with the exception of students who are studying Knowledge and Inquiry.
General Paper has two components: Essay Writing and Comprehension. In Essay Writing, students select 1 out of 12 questions which cover a broad range of topics like history, culture, economy, philosophy, local interest and global concern, and writes about it. In Comprehension, students need to show their ability to understand, explain, infer, evaluate and summarize passages. Students need to present conviction and confidence, and be convincing in their writing.
Since 2000, Mr John Goh has been conducting General Paper and IB English tuition to students at the JC level. He holds the record where 95% of his GP students scored Bs or better in their A-level GP examinations. In fact, 100% of his GP students who had originally scored Cs and below, scored at least a B or better.
To do well in GP, students would require more than good writing skills. They require critical thinking and the ability to hold different perspectives. John’s strengths lie in coaching that broader insight and perspective, and he helps students develop personal opinions and innovative thinking.
John conducts group tuition for his GP and IB English classes. Check out the class schedule for his GP tuition, and the topic that could be covered.


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