General-Paper-TuitionGeneral Paper, or GP, is a H1 subject for A levels in Singapore. This is a compulsory subject for all JC students, with the exception of students who are studying Knowledge and Inquiry.

General Paper has two components: Essay Writing and Comprehension. In Essay Writing, students select 1 out of 12 questions which cover a broad range of topics like history, culture, economy, philosophy, local interest and global concern, and writes about it. In Comprehension, students need to show their ability to understand, explain, infer, evaluate and summarize passages. Students need to present conviction and confidence, and be convincing in their writing. To do well in GP, students would require more than good writing skills. They require critical thinking and the ability to hold different perspectives.

Mr Chng Chin Joo is an ex lecturer from both Jurong Junior College and Pioneer Junior College and has taught at both institutions for 8 years from 2005 to 2012. He has accumulated more than 13 years of teaching experience and specializes in General Paper tuition. For all the students whom he has taught to date, 70% of them scored A’s and B’s. Most of his students have gone on to be qualified doctors and successful entrepreneurs.

Mr Chng graduated from the University of Strathclyde having been awarded a Master of Letters in Renaissance Studies, a degree accredited by the University of Strathclyde, the University of Stirling, the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Institute of Northern Renaissance Studies. He was inspired by his mentor while pursuing his Bachelor’s in Goldsmiths College, to pass on the wonder of learning that he experienced when researching his Honours thesis, to others. To facilitate his ability to help other to learn, he graduated from National Institute of Education (NIE) with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education specializing in English Literature and Language.

Mr Chng’s extensive experience spanning 13 years thus far focuses on teaching General Paper, though he has no small amount of experience teaching Literature at the GCE A Levels (both H1 and H2). His first official posting to Jurong Junior College helped him build his foundation in teaching General Paper which has, since then, been refined and reviewed with almost brutal efficiency in order to maximize students’ learning. After his accelerated Masters course, he was posted to Pioneer Junior College where he was given the opportunity to teach General Paper as well as both H1 and H2 Literature. His pursuit of effective pedagogy led him to join School of Thought as a full time tutor for 3 years, enhancing and honing his ability to engage students and thereby enhancing learning.

Apart from teaching, Mr Chng was also often in the curriculum review committee in the schools he was in and was an integral part of developing the methods and techniques used in tutorials while in School of Thought. Having sat for the GCE A Levels as a private candidate many times in the past 5 years in order to test the effectiveness and validity of the methods he teaches, Mr Chng subscribes to a more organic approach to General Paper instead of a cut and dried curriculum simply because of the organic nature of the subject he teaches. Some skills are foundational, but in allowing the students to explore, the subject blooms better for all when a wider perspective is held.

Testimonials from Students

Mr Chng was a tutor that had a massive impact on not just my GP grades, but my personal growth as well. He taught me to be an independent learner, to not just expect to be fed answers, but to believe in myself and search for answers from within. He helped me to understand that we are all more capable than we think, and understand the importance of standing on my own two feet. These values have stayed with me for many years since my A Levels, and for that I am extremely grateful. Tan Wei Xiang

Mr Chng is a dedicated tutor who delves deep into contentious issues, clarifying doubts not only with regards to content but also in the understanding of key concepts. His ability to analyze such issues from multiple perspectives has shed light on how to expound on and provide insightful resolutions for them under timed exam conditions, thereby writing an essay which aptly covers breadth and depth. Thanks Mr Chng for making GP an enjoyable subject!  Zhang Wei

Mr Chng’s GP lessons were engaging and I enjoyed going for classes every week. Mr Chng is also very knowledgeable and he was very willing to help students with whatever questions they had. His guidance helped me achieve my A for GP!  Koay Xinyi, Class of 2014

Mr Chng offers private 1-to-1 and group tuition classes. For 1-to-1 classes, venue will be for student to decide. For group tuition, venue can be decided based on agreement with tutor. Check out the class schedule for Mr Chng’s GP tuition.

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