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How students improved from Us to As and Bs under Ms Sim’s guidance

Our Chemistry Tutor

The A Level Chemistry tuition programme is tutored by Ms Sim Lily, an ex-lecturer with more than 16 years of experience teaching JC Chemistry. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours (Applied Chemistry) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Upon graduation, she enrolled into National Institute of Education (NIE) and obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

Ms Sim started her teaching career at National Junior College and taught there for more than 10 years. In 2014, she left NJC to fully devote her time in tutoring JC Chemistry. She has tutored students from all junior colleges including Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Victoria Junior College and Dunman High School.

Why Learn with Us?

Proven Track Record

For all the students she has taught to date, 65% of them scored A’s and 93% scored A’s and B’s. 90% of her students who had originally scored U’s managed to score B’s and above in their A level H2 chemistry examination. That is a significant improvement in grades!

Proprietary Resources & After Class Support

Ms Sim provides summary notes capturing commonly tested key concepts and includes a set of specially compiled comments by Cambridge examiners to help students ace their exams. Students will have access to Ms Sim’s question bank that has exam questions from all junior colleges to give her students additional practice opportunity and an unfair advantage over their peers. We have also designed a tool called the “Progress Tracker” to help students get real time feedback on their progress in order to maximize their performance. Ms Sim also supports her students between lessons via Whatsapp if they have any questions.

Purposeful & Clear Lesson Delivery

Ms Sim finds out from her students the topics they need help on and reviews their past common test or exam to identify key areas to focus on in their: 1) Application and Bookwork, 2) Weakest component across the three key components (Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry), and 3) Weakest topic. Ms Sim focuses doing a thorough diagnosis because she recognises that each student has different learning needs. She has the ability to break down difficult concepts into simple, bite size learning content to help students in their understanding and application of Chemistry. Consultation time is also allocated to address questions from her students. Read more about Ms Sim’s unique teaching approach.


Our Tuition Classes

Depending on the student’s needs, we provide: (a) private home tuition, (b) mini group tuition (2-5 students) and (c) group tuition (up to 9 students). In addition to the regular classes, we provide on demand topical lessons to cater to students who need help in selected H2 Chemistry topics on an ad-hoc basis.

Classes are conducted at two convenient locations (Marine Parade and Beauty World). To maximize learning effectiveness, the number of students for group tuition is limited to 9. This enables Ms Sim to customize her approach to meet the unique needs of individual students and to have adequate focus on each student. See our class schedule.

JC H2 Chemistry Tuition Class Schedule 2021

JC 2Thursday6.00PM - 8.00PMMarine Parade
JC 2Saturday10.00AM - 12.00PMBeauty World
JC 1Saturday1.30PM - 3.30PMBeauty World
JC 1Saturday4.00PM - 6.00PMMarine Parade
JC 1Sunday2.40PM - 4.40PMKembangan

Classes are held at two accessible and easy to find locations:


#01-01 Kembangan Plaza, 18 Jalan Masjid,
Singapore 418944

Beauty World Centre

Beauty World Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 588177


I started having lessons with Miss Sim at the start of J2 because I was constantly failing chemistry in J1. After attending her lessons, I managed to improve and started to get better grades throughout J2. Miss Sim’s notes are extremely concise and comprehensible. She is also a very dedicated and patient teacher. After every examination, she would do an analysis of the paper and pick out my weak points so that I can improve on those topics. Without her unwavering support and guidance throughout the A level period, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain my A for H2 Chemistry! I am definitely grateful to have a teacher like her 🙂

Ng Wan Ting, Raffles Institution, S to A for Chemistry

Thanks Ms Sim for teaching me this year and following me through to the end of the journey! Thank you for all the challenging worksheets ( I pulled a lot of hair out doing them haha nah just kidding) and also for always being patient when explaining concepts and answering my sometimes weird questions=) Hope you continue being a great teacher!

Cheryl Lai, Victoria Junior College, A for Chemistry

My Chemistry was on the brink of failure, but by Ms. Sim’s teaching methods & constant revision, I was able to clinch an A grade in this year’s A levels. I’ve never been good in Chemistry, but I feel like her notes & revision packages were more than adequate for replacing those from my school, & overall help me to improve my scores.

Sean Wong, Raffles Institution, U to A for Chemistry

I only started tuition with Ms Sim a few months before my A levels. At that point, I was failing badly and even during prelims, I barely scraped a D. She provided me with ample resources that were comprehensive and helpful. Eventually, I managed to score an A for H2 Chem at A levels.

Lydia Yeow, Dunman High School, U to A for Chemistry

Before joining Ms Sim, I have always been struggling to pass chemistry. Throughout about half a year with Ms Sim, I managed to pick up more skills and knowledge on the subject, as well as finding motivation to study harder. Her notes on the subject are always precise and detailed, highlighting the necessary points. Through many practices and constant revision with us, I had managed to get an ‘A’ grade in the A-levels. Without Ms Sim’s patience and guidance, I would not have been able to get this grade. Thank you, Ms Sim.

Lim Jiahui, Temasek Junior College, E to A for Chemistry

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Besides offering JC Chemistry tuition, we also offer H2 Physics tuition and H2 Maths tuition.