Mr Chng’s Master of Letters in Renaissance Literature is testament to his love for literature. Having had extensive exposure to the Classics as well as the Renaissance, the influence of the great men in those days have greatly influenced his pedagogical methods with great success. Being able to express profound ideas simply and clearly utilizing a simple to follow structure was what facilitated his success in 2012, where the entire cohort that he taught in Pioneer Junior College not only set the school’s record by having 100% passes, the quality grades made up a good 80% of all the scores. Even though it was for two years, Mr Chng’s claim to experience comes from anchoring the teaching duties of the entire cohort of students that opted to take literature at both H1 and H2 levels.

Mr Chng favours a simplistic, easy to follow and adopt structure that allows students of any ability to shine once they master the method. Even though the main worry for most students and parents alike is the varied content insisted upon by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board in Singapore and Cambridge, it is the ability to conceptualize and express one’s ideas that allow for a student to express independent thought. It is this that is key to scoring very good grades no matter what text it may be from any era. This is not to say that the text is not important, but the essence of studying Literature is for the student to be able to afford a clear, mature opinion based on existing information, not the mere parroting of memorized texts.

Past students that have kept in contact have surprised Mr Chng when they tell him that they are still utilizing and have even evolved the simplistic approach for use in university to much success. It is one of Mr Chng’s sincere hope that his lessons are useful beyond the classroom and are readily applicable to real life.

Testimonials from Students

As my literature teacher for two years, Mr Chng made the topic less intimidating for students who had only just begun their journey in literature. He was creative in making each class palatable and gave knowledge in bite-sized portions to ensure that everyone could understand. I remember how we were all asked to choose a pop song and used it to learn literature techniques by analysing it together as a class. Beyond the classroom, he was also a reliable mentor who emphasised greatly on values and any student under his tutelage can be assured that he or she is in great hands. Bibiana Loh

Insightful, intelligent, intriguing. Undergoing 2 years of Mr Chng’s tutelage for H1 Literature taught me more than just the wisdom to interpret prose & poems. His teaching approach regularly stimulates the core of “why” more than “what” we think  of social issues. You’ll find that his exam techniques are unconventional from traditional education, and maybe that was what made the difference for me and my peers. Lai Changyuan

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